Established in 1996, Gate NY is a full-service contract decoration company which was founded on the concept of continually exceeding customer expectations.
We are equipped with the most advanced machines and staffed with an elite team of highly skilled operators.
Our company takes pride in producing quality embroidery and garment printing with timely service at competitive prices.

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Tribute To Berkant Tinaz

As you all may have heard or read, my husband, Berkant Tinaz (Burke) recently passed away unexpectedly right before Christmas. I wanted to give you a brief summary about my husband’s legacy. Berkant was born in Turkey and came to the United States over 24 years ago with a vision and dream to succeed. In the beginning, he sold shirts to small shops and flea markets.

One day he had a vision to learn embroidery and how the world of embroidery works so he invested in one 8 head machine. He taught himself digitizing logos in the computer and running the machine. He ran a small shop and hired 2 people to run the machine. In the beginning he was faced with many challenges but never gave up.

Throughout the years he invested in more embroidery, screen printing and laser head machines. He always had a goal in mind looking into the future. His motivation and dedication to the company drove him to the success of where Gate NY is today. His driving force brought it to the level where we are the largest in-house art decorator on the east coast.

I am proud to say that my husband, Burke achieved the American Dream. Going forward, I will continue his legacy by building this company to the next level. I take great pride here in what we do. Our exceptional quality customer service will help guide you in any way possible that best fits your needs.

Warm Regards,
Caroline Tinaz


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