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  Our technology is one of the most powerful tools in our industry; you can log in to your account, see real time inventory by the location of Distributors, and create real time proofing by uploading your costumer's logo. Our system calculates stitch counts for embroidery, color count for printing, and can give you real time pricing; including the Garment price. Orders can then be released, and all parties will start to process the order, without needing to send PO’s to distributors and us.


     You will no longer receive those unwanted phone calls regarding PO's and artwork; which sets us apart from other companies! With our automated system, our customers can log on to their password protected accounts to check the order status and view all open orders and account history. It is that easy!


In our system, you can manage your designs and art files. The system enables you to simply print out product images and to produce virtual spec samples with ease, by the click of a mouse.


In every step of the order process, our system will generate a notification, which helps immediately address any issues or discrepancies. Upon shipment of your order, the system generates an automatic e-mail which contains the order tracking number as well as a copy of the packing slip.

Additionally, our new system provides your entire order history when you log on to your account, including what color thread we used, the embroidery location, the merchandise that was embroidered along with quantity & size, tracking numbers, packing slips and so much more. It is 100% efficient and detail oriented from start to finish!  If you don’t have software to create PO’s, you can use our system to generate them.  Simply save them, print, and file them or log on to our servers to review your Order History



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